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Jan's Plant List
Zone 4 miniature plants for fairy and garden railroad

Adding a Bog
Step by step instructions for adding a bog to an existing pond.

Algae Tips
With a little work, you can keep string algae away.

Calculating Electrical Costs
How much will it cost to run your pond? Find out here.

Fish Emergencies
A list of essential items needed in the case of an emergency with your fish.

Hose Leaks
Learn about construction techniques that lead to leaks.

Icy Pond Closing
When is it too late to close the pond?

Pond Predators
Tips to protect your plants, fish, frogs, and liners.

Potassium Permanganate to Control Pond Invertebrates
How to use potassium permanganate to correct way.

Preparing Fish for Winter
Tips for preparing your fish for indoor or outdoor wintering.

Rules of Thumb
Water gardening rules of thumb for beginners.

Seaming Liners
Tackling the seemingly impossible task of seaming two pieces of liner.

Spring Cleaning Tips
From equipment to timing – tips to start your pond the easy way.

Water Quality
Obtaing great water quality starts with your philosophy.

Inviting Wildlife
PowerPoint presentation featuring key elements needed to attract a wide variety of wildlife.

Minnesota Water Garden Society
It’s great resource for information on all kinds of water gardening topics. Join this group for the best society newsletter in the country with 12 full color issues (20-32 pages long), fantastic educational meetings, a great tour of water gardens in the summer, and a lot of really nice, knowledgeable and fun people.

THE most comprehensive registrar and photographs of all varieties of water lilies. It is a non-commercial site dedicated to the dissemination of information about all aspects of water gardening.

Water Gardeners International, Inc.
It is a group of people with a wealth of knowledge about watergardening. Especially useful are the articles written for the online journal.

Aquatic Ecosystems
A florida company, Aquatic Ecosystems has hard-to-find products all related to water gardening, natural lake maintenance, and aquaculture at fairly good prices.


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